[MMVarquitectos - ARTS STUDIO 16 - COVER IMG] © Ricardo Oliveira Alves


Firm LocationLisbon, Portugal
Lead ArchitectMiguel Venâncio
Design TeamN. Zakrzewska (project, digital images) _ M. Cordeiro (drawings) _ Design chairs and couch - Around the Tree - natural design by Alexandre Caldas

Located in Travessa da Pereira on the picturesque Graça neighbourhood, this project was a defying one. It was about converting an area, hidden inside a working-class villa built in the first decade of the XX century, into an arts studio. Whilst approaching the space, the first conclusion is that it required a blunt but balanced identity. So, we had to be bold enough to tease new feelings and atmospheres, without leaving behind the sense of overall harmony so precious and necessary to artists in their creative processes.