[JYCStudio - 24 FRAMES OF LIGHTWELL - COVER IMG] Integrated Relationship Among Art, Fashion and Natural Light/Dean Cheng, 2020


Firm LocationTaoyuan City, Taiwan
Project locationTaipei City, Taiwan
Lead ArchitectJasmin Yi-Chu Shih
Design TeamLead Designer, Jasmin Yi-Chu Shih / Architectural Engineering Design, Wei Ren Chen / Light Art Installation, Kou Tak-Leong / Directors, Ping Tao Lee & Eileen Ueng / Photographers, Lewis Lee, Dean Cheng, Bai Yifang

“24 FRAMES OF LIGHTWELL” is a newborn complex space bringing commerce, fashion, art, and design together in a renovated 50-year-old building in Taipei. The project offers potential solutions to old “walkup apartment” renovation through material selection and subtractive design operation with minimal environmental impacts. The lightweight approach is applied to the entire structure of “24 frames” that extend from the lightwell and influence the interior physical environment, magnifying how visitors sense the surroundings for giving the old building new life and conserving the urban fabric.