Old Village Bistro

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Small Architecture
Firm Location, China
Project locationJiaozuo, Henan Province, China
Lead ArchitectWang Qiu'an
Design TeamWang Qiu'an, Tu Hailin, Wang Kunpeng, Ding Li, Lin Shuyan, Zhang Hui, Li Jing, Li Fenfang, Xiang Yang
ClientXiuwu Liangshan Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd.

The design was based on the principle of preserving the existing building textures and inheriting rural architectural features. 12 old trees on the site are retained. The curved glass enclosures and the gourd-shaped open-air atrium are naturally shaped in a way of avoiding the trees. Elements like curved glazing structures and rammed earth volumes create several architectural spaces, which compose a versatile venue integrating the functions of restaurant, bar, stage, accommodation, Chinese courtyard and art display wall. It provides diversified scenes to cater to tourists’ various demands.