[Verstas Architects - Vuosaari High School - COVER IMG] Vuosaari High School - Cascading roof terraces and public stairs bring life to the streetscape on three levels. Photograph: Mika Huisman

Vuosaari High School

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Educational Buildings
Firm Location, Finland
Project locationHelsinki, Finland
CompanyVerstas Architects
Lead ArchitectRiina Palva / V. Nikkilä, J. Palva, I. Salminen
Design TeamAino Airas, Otto Autio, Teemu, Aarnio, Tommi Junnola, Jessica Högsten, Atte Mattila, Milla Parkkali, Anna Pekkarinen, Mikko Rossi, Nina Sandell, Tino Toivonen
ClientThe City of Helsinki, YIT

Vuosaari High School complements the developing neighbourhood in Eastern Helsinki. The brick clad school adapts to a compact multi-level site next to a metro connection. Wood framed entrances, cascading roof terraces and ample public stairs bring life to the streetscape on three levels. Besides a high school for 900 students, it´s also a significant public building serving the residents of the surrounding area. The novel, comfortable, and adaptable learning environment supports students with different backgrounds. The energy efficiency of the school is nearly equal to a zero-energy building.