Studio de Nooyer

Reflections of the Past - an Amsterdam loft

Firm LocationAmsterdam, Netherlands
CompanyFirm architects
Lead ArchitectNiek Joanknecht
Design TeamCarolien Roos, Sarah van Vliet
ClientDamien Poelhekke

The building was formerly used as attic. To turn this old attic into a livable space, the previous owner raised the roof fifty centimeters. This principle of the space itself, a new elevation on an old basis, has become the starting point for the design. In the design, the entire space is visibly "cut through". The line has both a practical and a more poetic origin. It is the height of kitchen doors and railings. And it is the central point of a man’s body. Standing with your lower body in the old and your upper body in the new, it reflects being rooted in the past and looking to the future.