[Bushman Dreyfus Architects - Downtown Loft - COVER IMG] Downtown Loft / Virginia Hamrick Photography

Downtown Loft

Firm LocationCharlottesville, United States
CompanyBushman Dreyfus Architects
Lead ArchitectJeff Bushman
Design TeamAga Saulle
ClientWest Cote Properties, LLC

Light is the theme of this modern renovation in the oldest building on the downtown pedestrian mall in Charlottesville. A dark 3rd story with an attic is transformed into an open floor apartment with loft. Transparency is a key design intent, establishing visual access to the trees in front and sunlight in the back. A single 40ft cabinet "box" conceals the kitchen, bathroom and storage. A window-like opening through the oak cabinet volume frames a view of the original brick wall. The loft stair is a transparent structure made of folded perforated metal fixed to the vertical steel plate guard.