[MAT Office - Muee Restaurant - COVER IMG] superimposed domes of Muee Restaurant, photographer: JIN Weiqi

Muee Restaurant

Firm LocationBeijing, China
Project locationBeijing, China
CompanyMAT Office
Lead ArchitectTANG Kangshuo, ZHANG Miao
Design TeamLIU Youpeng, HE Ningyan
ClientMuee Restaurant

This is a renovation project located in center of Beijing. The client invites us to create a space for people to enjoy original flavor of food. Therefore, the spatial operation becomes the journey of seeking the "cave". Due to different story heights on two floors, different types of vaults are applied on the ceilings. Especially on the first floor, vault’s unidirectionality are generated to a system of superimposed domes that are evolved from the internalized grid of the space and result in the cavernous space. "skylight" is used as an element to enhance the cavernous spatial experience.