[M1DTW Architects - Oakridge Dental Center - COVER IMG] Courtesy M1DTW. Photo: Jeffrey Kilmer

Oakridge Dental Center

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Healthcare / Wellness
Firm LocationDetroit, United States
Project locationRochester Hills, MI
CompanyM1DTW Architects
Lead ArchitectChristian Unverzagt
Design TeamThomas Affeldt, Kerry Conway, Genevieve Doman
ClientOakridge Dental Center

Oakridge Dental Center creates a unique and calming spatial experience for its patients and staff. Situated to preserve the large majority of a 2-acre wooded site, the stand-alone dental office encourages a spa-like experience even within its constrained project budget, and in proximity to a traffic circle. Skylights and thoughtfully placed window openings in several sizes produce a rhythmic compositional effect while ensuring all staff have access to natural light. From the exterior, a restrained material palette creates striking contrast between the building and its surrounding landscape.