Pugongshan Geology (Lime Mine) Museum

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Cultural Architecture
Firm LocationWuhan, China
CompanyProfessor Li Baofeng's studio
Lead ArchitectBaofeng Li
Design TeamYi Qingqing, Pan Jialiang, Guo Wen, Wang Tong, Chen Haizhong, Shen Anfu, Wang Rong
ClientHenan Xixian People's Government

Pugong Mountain in Henan Province is a limestone mountain where local residents built hundreds of small lime kilns to produce lime to quickly get rich, but the environment has been severely damaged and the site is now abandoned. Based on the concept of sustainable development, we take the old kiln group as a symbolic gate, and transform the kiln head into a viewing platform, so that the mine, the old gypsum kiln and the new museum are an organic whole, and several key mining areas are set as ecological Education point, and setting viewing windows in the corresponding position of the building.