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Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

Tent House

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture - Multi Unit
Firm LocationKuwait, Portugal
CompanyTAEP - The Associated Engineering Partnership / AAP - Associated Architects Partnership
Lead ArchitectAAP - Associated Architects Partnership

Conceptually, this project aims to recreate the idea of being under a thin sheet of fabric, protected from the sun and the wind. A five-house complex, with a swimming pool at its center, that shares a common roof, which shades most of the exterior gardens and other social areas. Developed to perform like an oasis, it transmits a sensation of freshness and tranquility, while the shade protection reveals its true importance, contrasting with the private beach at the edge of the plot, simultaneously achieving the status of a desert campsite and a beach house, but most of all, a gathering place.