[td-Atelier - Employment support center YORIDOKO - COVER IMG] Façade at night. An open space was set up facing the shopping district./ Photo: Matsumura Kohei

Employment support center YORIDOKO

Firm LocationKyoto, Japan
Project locationShingu city, Wakayama prf., Japan
Lead ArchitectMasaharu Tada
Design TeamGraphic Design:Asada Katsuya/ Garden Design:Niwakobo,co.Ltd./ Construction:Nonaka kohmuten.Co.,Ltd.
ClientPurobono Kumano

In the shopping street, we have created a small facility called "Yoridoko" that provides employment support for young people who have "difficulty in living" such as hikikomori and developmental disabilities. Renovated an old clothing store. With the background of an old building, the design makes the finishing material stand on its own like a stage set. A public space is set up in front of Yoridoko and is open to the shopping street. Occasionally, it is envisioned that Yoridoko users will take the initiative in holding events and utilize it for more practical living and employment support.