[Atelier RZLBD - Out(side)In House - COVER IMG] Out(side)In House / Atrium & Light (detail)

Out(side)In House

Firm LocationToronto, Canada
Project locationScarborough, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CompanyAtelier RZLBD
Lead ArchitectReza Aliabadi (RZLBD)
Design TeamArchitect: Atelier RZLBD // Project Lead: Reza Aliabadi (RZLBD) // Project team: Arman Azar, Chungwon Park // Structure: Egberts Engineering // Mechanical: Atava Design Inc. // Photography: Borzu Talaie
ClientMr. & Mrs. Nakhaei–Zadeh

Like a crack in a stone, where life seeps through, Out(side)In House is a mass broken at its center into two, pulled apart and shuffled so that the breakages face the outside and the exterior walls face the central void. Finished in brick and tiles, the visual and tactile qualities in the atrium evoke a sense of exteriority, as if between two distinct buildings. Like in a sanctuary, the atrium erases the memory of the outside world and offers a womb once more, nurturing one’s body, mind, and soul. Out(side)In House leads one to discover an inner horizon, in the emptiness of space.