[X+Living - Yangzhou Zhongshuge - COVER IMG] Yangzhou Zhongshuge/Shao Feng

Yangzhou Zhongshuge

Firm LocationShanghai, China
Project locationYangzhou, China
Lead ArchitectLi Xiang
Design TeamLiu Huan, Fan Chen, Tong Nina
ClientShanghai Zhongshu Pty Ltd

Yangzhou Zhongshuge is located inside of Zhenyuan Garden in the water city Yangzhou, and the bookstore adopted the city’s simple and elegant style. Inspired by the local culture of this historical ancient city, the designer integrated its signature element – arch bridge into the concept of the design. It is also used as a representation that bookstore is the bond between human and books. Through studying the relationship between arc bridge and river, the designer creates an up and down mirrored space which gives a sense of shock to readers who visits the store.