Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades

Firm Location, Hong Kong
Project locationPedder Building, Central, Hong Kong
CompanyNC Design & Architecture Limited
Lead ArchitectNelson Chow
Design TeamJohn Liu, Rain Ho, Irene Noh, Rafael Pardo, Eddie Wong
ClientLouis Vuitton

Step into MEMENTO, an immersive, multi-sensory experience of Louis Vuitton savoir-faire in an imaginary 2-storey Hong Kong seaside mansion. Ten dreamlike scenography pay homage to the city’s unique architectural heritage with the Objets Nomades collection of travel-inspired portable furnishings. Each scenography is imaged as a stage set in a mansion, and features an interactive element (wind, artificial sunlight, smell and sound) that invites the guests to engage with the Objets Nomades furniture in a sensory-filled and unforgetable cinematic experience.