10³ Boutique Hotel

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Hospitality Architecture
Firm Location, China
CompanyLQS Architects
Lead ArchitectLu Qishui, Ma Qing, Li Guobin
Design TeamZhang Shijie, Rao Lixiao
Client10³ Boutique Hotel

10³ Boutique Hotel got its name from the size of common rural homestead in China, which is usually a volume of 10*10*10m, 10³. For this project, the designers intended to break the stereotype of common homesteads by adopting a geometric shape. They creatively turned an originally dull sunken semi-underground space into a swimming pool with the use of Plexiglas, making it a highlight of the project. The rooftop platform is fully utilized to increase the space for the hotel. The facades feature strong three-dimensional cut and sculptured effects, which enhance the identity of the building.