G60 Brain Tech Innovation Base

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Misc. Architecture
Firm Location, China
CompanyJUNYUN Architecture Design Office Co., Ltd.
Lead ArchitectLiu Sinan
Design TeamTang Jun, Yang Tao, Sun Jiping, Sun Chao, Cheng Wen, Li Shengxiang, Zhang Feng, Hu Quanquan, Shen Binjian, Meng Yiran, Mei Yaobei, Han Yaozong, Lu Yuan, Li Xiaojun
ClientShanghai Guangxi Construction and Development Co., Ltd.

With the development theme of “Humanistic Songjiang” and the cultural index of waterway, the design draws inspiration from the shape of mountain and takes the energy from the site to polish, sculpt, and shape the building appearance. Based on the surrounding environment and river channel, the designers combined the river channel outside the site with the internal central landscape garden to form an integrated and enclosed green ecology chain, create an integral humanistic and ecological axis, and to highlight the fusion and sharing of architecture and ecological resources.