[ CLV.DESIGN - Time River Experience Center - COVER IMG] Photo by 1,000 degree vision

Time River Experience Center

Firm LocationBeijing, China
Project locationBeijing, China
Lead ArchitectWang Shaoqing, Shi Linlin, Yang Guijun
Design TeamXu Rong, Du Guilong , Zhang Dingning, Cheng Xiaomeng, Yang Yong
ClientChina Overseas Property

We hope it is a public destination for citizens to freely explore and spend time. The layers of straight lines and the changes of light and shadows gave us inspiration for the design, which aimed to start a time travel to let visitors feel the wonder of natural light and shadows and the warmth of life. The deconstruction of the space is not merely limited to the reorganization of blocks and lines, but focused on the subtle integration of nature, art and life. We translated abstract structures into simple but fascinating geometric forms, achieving a comfortable fit.