[Po Haus - Blending - COVER IMG] Photos by Shunka Toyama


Firm LocationSaitama, Japan
Project locationTokyo, Japan
CompanyPo Haus
Lead ArchitectHideaki Yamada
Design Team Kaoru Ishida, Hiroyuki Nakajo, Takae Ishibashi, , Masahiro Miyasaka

This COVID-19 pandemic changed our lifestyle and prohibited to contact with people and to go out. This house aimed to have no strict borders between inside and outside in order to better coexistence nature and residents. To avoiding the confining and uncomfortable living conditions of the city, we tried to extend our consciousness beyond the borders of this physically tiny site. The scent of soil, trees, leaves, gentle wind and the natural light that shines through the void space give the blessings of nature to continuous space.