[DUST Architects - Marfa Suite - COVER IMG] The Marfa Suite is a project born from a desire to build an addition that preserved and complimented an exiting adobe home's character and viewsheds. photo credit; Casey Dunn

Marfa Suite

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Small Architecture
Firm LocationTucson, United States
Project locationMarfa, Texas USA
CompanyDUST Architects
Lead ArchitectCade Hayes
Design TeamJesus Robles

The suite is a lounge, studio, & living refuge for owners' use while guests occupy their single bedroom original adobe home during extended stays in Marfa, Texas. The low-maintenance earthen structure, made of compressed earth block, provides a warm atmosphere and is a direct nod to the historical vernacular adobe structures that exist along the US Mexico border and the greater North American Southwest region. The project is inspired by the landscape, the natural light of the high desert of far west Texas and the poetic pragmatism that historic buildings possess in the area.