[YSG - Budge Over Dover - COVER IMG] Budge over Dover by YSG shot by Prue Ruscoe

Budge Over Dover

Firm LocationRedfern, Australia
Lead ArchitectYasmine Ghoniem
Design TeamYasmine Ghoniem / Jaime Bligh / Felicity NG

A sculptural aesthetic defines this Sydney home with balanced proportions, seamlessly integrating the outdoors within whilst directing views towards the garden and central courtyard plus the ocean on the upper level. Honed with an artisanal energy mutually celebrating whimsy and functionality, it was converted into a tactile haven via contrasting textural elements. Swathes of soothing colour flow from plastered walls into ceilings highlighting newly conjoined spaces carved from a warren of dark rooms and hallways. Nooks for respite and open areas are well demarcated yet flow effortlessly.