[The Afternaut Group - Chongqing Changshou High Tech Sales Gallery - COVER IMG] The entrance dome showcases varying companies under the developer’s umbrella which help support its smart living ecosystem. The dome is akin to a space observatory, or main terminal of a space station,further emphasizing a hi-tech and modern lifestyle.

Chongqing Changshou High Tech Sales Gallery

Firm LocationSingapore, Singapore
Project locationChangshou, China
CompanyThe Afternaut Group
Lead ArchitectGwen Tan
ClientGuangzhou Seedland Real Estate Development Co., Ltd

The Changshou Sales Gallery aims to redefine what a typical sales gallery experience is like, through new spatial narratives and digital touchpoints to experience the developer’s smart living ecosystem. The experience centre and show unit that are driven by IoT shows how residents can live a high-tech lifestyle. The interior is kept predominantly white with gentle curves, with added natural elements to humanise the perceived sterile palette of a high-tech theme. Natural lighting enters through large floor-to-ceiling height windows to swathe the gallery in a comforting glow.