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Art & design museum for kids / The museum is a sleek contemporary art and design museum created for young visitors. / Photo credit: COORDINATION ASIA

Kids Museum of Glass 2.0

Firm LocationShanghai, China
Lead ArchitectTilman Thürmer
Design TeamFrancesca Inchingolo, David Keohane
ClientShanghai G+ Culture Creative Developing Co.,Ltd

The Kids Museum of Glass 2.0 is a contemporary art and design museum in a converted former glass-making workshop. The museum’s explorative visiting experience aims to encourage independent learning in a playful kids-friendly environment. The 2,320 m2-space is dominated by a sleek, monochromatic palette which highlights the vibrant colors used on exhibits, dynamic surfaces and installations. Black metal staircases, platforms and custom-made glass-walls are inserted into the open plan space to create a dialogue with the original wooden structures and exposed brick walls.