[Penzel Valier - SRF Campus Zurich - COVER IMG] The new studio building for the Swiss Radio and Television, Photo by Kuster Frey

SRF Campus Zurich

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Cultural Architecture
Firm LocationZürich, Switzerland
Project locationZurich, Switzerland
CompanyPenzel Valier
Lead ArchitectChristian Penzel

The new SRF campus Zurich combines broadcasting studios, offices, a data center, a restaurant, a large underground car park and a public media garden. While the studios define the center of the ground floor, an open atrium connects the newsroom with the work areas on the upper levels. Except for the access cores, the branching «tree supports» and the suspension of the ceilings, the building is column-free, according to flexibility requirements made by the client. The media garden on the roof of the underground car park offers a public space with high quality and atmosphere.