Trefaven Middle School, Lorient, France

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Educational Buildings
Firm LocationNantes - Barcelona, France
CompanyOnze04 Architectes + Valero Gadan & Associes Architectes
Lead ArchitectGustavo SILVA-NICOLETTI, Frederic GADAN, Bernard VALERO
Design TeamProject Leads : Mathias GERHARDT, Jérémy BOUTET, Cloé CAZADE. Assistants : Agnese CHIANESE, Margaux-Anne BOUVIER, Romain LUCAS, Wan Ting LO
ClientDépartement du Morbihan - Bretagne Sud Habitat (MOE delegué)

The college is located in a transitional area between a suburban neighborhood and the city center of Lorient. It is a sanctuarized space preserved from the outside like a cloister. His double skin handles the distance with the outside by protecting itself from any direct contact while also allowing visual and landscape breakthroughs. On the upper floors, the building opens onto the calm of the garden, the park and the view towards the nearby river. In that way, the college constitutes a building with four facades, where each of them participates in structuring an urban landscape.