Modern Poetic Medium

Firm LocationShanghai, China
CompanyCR LAND
Lead ArchitectWang Shanshan, Li Jing
Design TeamWang Xiaobo, Liu Zhan, Pax Ju, Liu Zhang, Zou Xingyu, Cai Ruidi, Chu Lingwei, Li Xiang, Wu Dan, Li Yingpeng, Zhou Yang, Chen Dan, Zhang Jingwen

Is that possible to create a more modern and chic landscape? A modern outdoor space might bring a more unique experience. It is possible to be oriental or western, ornate or minimal in the spaces...... Materials and details, spaces and textures, Shadows and plants, Scenes and atmosphere, Among which a certain intrinsic correlation blends diverse contents into a complete picture through the matching of different interfaces. We have created a stylish outdoor social venue where people can experience the architecture, talks to nature and also promotes more forms of communication and exchange.