Songzhuang Micro Community Park - Urban Rooms for Social Encounter

Firm LocationBeijing, China
CompanyCrossboundaries, Beijing
Lead ArchitectBinke Lenhardt, Hao Dong
Design TeamGAO Yang, Silvia Campi, Ivan Chen, Marijana Simic, Sean Yu, YU Hongyu, Elena Gamez Miguelez
ClientBeijing Songzhuang Investment Development Co., Ltd

The L-shaped plot features a series of outdoor ‘rooms’ – spaces, whose designs trigger but not limit certain uses – along a linear loop track, a connecting element meandering between street side pavement and the park at a pocket of the site. These rooms offer different levels of enclosure and boundary following a sequence. From completely open, forming a plaza to a slightly more defined area with a semitransparent grey backing wall to a fully enclosed one, but open to the sky and finally one within the new park zone, where only the ground surface marking its expanse.