[XS Space LLC - Brooklyn Garden - COVER IMG] Modern Brooklyn Garden

Brooklyn Garden

Firm LocationBrooklyn, United States
CompanyXS Space LLC
Lead ArchitectJulie Farris
Design TeamLandscape Designer: Julie Farris/ XS Space, Architects: Khanna-Schultz, Landscape Contractor: Future Green Studio

This serene, minimalist Brooklyn garden is a composition of overlapping planes functioning as a modern, multi-purpose garden for a family of four. Planes of Ipe wood as stair and a platform for seating appear to float in a bed of pea gravel, and a grass lawn is contained by a cor-ten steel edge. The garden was graded to maintain a large, existing Spruce tree at the back of the property. The wooden walkway traces the grade rising against a large cor-ten planter with Switchgrass and Russian Sage. Perennial Pollinators are contained in planters on the garden level and upper terraces with seating.