[DBA - Bemax Arena - COVER IMG] Bemax Arena / Nebojša Nišić

Bemax Arena

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Restoration & Renovation
Firm LocationNovi Sad, Serbia
Project locationPodgorica, Montenegro
Lead ArchitectDjordje Bajilo
Design TeamJadranka Bugarski Vujović, Dejan Pauković, Mila Jević

BEMAX ARENA project consists of reconstruction and change of purpose from the abandoned indoor pool into a modern multifunctional sports hall (basketball, volleyball, handball, box) in Podgorica, Montenegro. The volume of the object forms a hyperbolic paraboloid on an elliptical base. The indoor area is 6058,29m². The seating capacity is 2244 spectators and 28 business seats in VIP box. The hall can also be used for various events such as concerts, fairs, etc. The challenge of the project was to adapt the required contents to the specific form of the building.