[Haver & Skolnick Architects - The Berry Bowl - COVER IMG] Aerial view of the Berry Bowl. Robert Benson Photography

The Berry Bowl

Firm LocationRoxbury, United States
CompanyHaver & Skolnick Architects
Lead ArchitectStewart R. Skolnick, AIA
Design TeamCharles M. Haver, AIA

The clients, avid gardeners, presented the architects with a unique challenge: find a solution to the chronic problem of birds feasting on their many blueberry bushes. The solution was to create a unique structure, a “Berry Bowl”. The 452 s.f. domed structure is on axis with the clients’ large hilltop garden, also designed by the architects. A fieldstone wall serves as a base for the 17-foot-high tubular steel structure. 2” diameter steel tubes are bent forming concentric rings which support steel mesh, sized to keep out birds while still allowing bees to enter to pollinate the bushes.