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Yujidao Park, Sichuan

Firm LocationShenzhen, China
CompanyBLVD International
Lead ArchitectYun Du
Design TeamChulin Hu, Weiyi Li, Lemsic Arnel Manga, Gang Huang, Li Zhang, Jin Li, Weishui Lin, Yingru Hou, Songhong Cai
ClientNanbu County Landscape Bureau

Located in Nanbu, Sichuan, Yujidao Park uses forest landscape design techniques and the linkage of urban landscape and cultural resources to build a harmonious living environment that integrates culture and city, industry and city, and scenery and city. After completion, the park has not only become a good place for citizens to relax and exercise, but also play a positive role in enhancing the comprehensive carrying capacity and competitiveness of Nanbu County, as well as promoting the fast development of the county economy.