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Haoxiang Lake Park

Firm LocationHong Kong, Hong Kong
Project locationShenzhen, P.R. China
Lead ArchitectQian Zhang, Xiaolu Tang
Design TeamXiaoling Linghu, Lancy Lanxi Zhang, Wenjian Liao, Leow Wujun Fan, Peggy Panpan Zhang, Anantsorrarak Vorrarit, Chengyan Wu, Zhenyu Chen, Qiwen Liu, Bill Huen Kwai Chan, Zizhen Peng, Dan Wu, Siyuan Wu, Caihong Zhao, Jennifer Tsz Ying Ng, Maisy Yan Lam Poon, Qianqian Yu, Yi Wang
ClientShenzhen Baoan District Shajing Bureau; China Resources (Shenzhen) Limited

Haoxiang Lake Park connects four urban rivers. It has played an important role in local flood control and pollution interception. However, due to the deteriorating water quality, it has been gradually forgotten by the surrounding residents. Three key strategies are proposed to restoring this retention pond: A more flexible waterfront for citizens to experience and recognize the water; An 850-meter pedestrian loop reconnects the four riverside spaces with multiple landscape nodes; The Shajing Power Plant Building and structures are preserved and transformed into cultural exhibition hall.