[Impromptu Projects - Chasing Sounds - COVER IMG] Virgile Simon Bertrand

Chasing Sounds

Firm LocationMacau S.A.R. - China, Macau
Project locationHong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens, Hong Kong S.A.R. of China
CompanyImpromptu Projects
Lead ArchitectJoao O, Rita Machado
Design TeamAlexandre Marquês, Madalena Saldanha
ClientArts Promotion Office (Hong Kong)

Chasing Sounds is a spatial design for a non-conventional stage to host an outdoor music performance at Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens. The biophilic and landscape-inspired design approach is the result of a site visit and several inspiring conversations with composer Charles Kwong, who conceived this cross-disciplinary collaborative project and created the musical scores for the event. The design is conceived entirely with bamboo as part of our sustainable design strategy to elevate and promote this unique craft which is on the verge of extinction.