Mountain Art Center

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Cultural Architecture
Firm Location, China
Project locationChongqing, China
CompanyJUNYUN Architecture Design Office Co., Ltd.
Lead ArchitectTang Jun
Design TeamLiu Sinan, Sun Jiping, Yang Yuan, Sun Chao, Shen Binjian, Hu Quanquan, Luo Xianhui
ClientChongqing Jiaxi Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Erected on the mountain, the basic volumes of the building are overlapped in a staggered manner, just like rough mountain rocks. Terraces are set back floor by floor, appearing like terraced fields fusing with nature. Travertine, characterized by unique texture and even, elegant grain, endows the building with a sense of artistry. Laid in a horizontal and staggered manner, it helps generate an elegant image at close view as well as a delicate mottled visual effect at distant view. Travertine and transparent ultra-clear glass complement each other.