Guilin Wanda Vista

Firm LocationShanghai, China
CompanyZ Studio
Lead ArchitectWEI Yinghao, SHI Binyu
Design TeamGAO Feng, YE Zongshun, YANG Mingxue, JIANG Xu
ClientWanda Group

Guilin Wanda Vista is a high-end resort hotel located in Guilin, a famous scenic spot in China. The natural environment of karst landform gives the resort a special scenery. The villa style layout of the hotel skillfully integrates the style of Dong folk houses. There are 108 guest rooms and villas, 3 restaurants, fitness center and conference center along the lake. The original mountains retained by the hotel, part of the farmland is transformed into wetlands and lakes, and the lake water reflects the buildings, which also brings the distant mountains closer.