South Elevation - Casey Dunn

Buddy Holly Hall

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Cultural Architecture
Firm LocationToronto, Canada
Project locationLubbock, Texas, USA
CompanyDiamond Schmitt, Design Architect; Parkhill, Architect of Record; MWM Architects, Inc., Associate Architect
Lead ArchitectA.J. Diamond, Matthew Lella
Design TeamGarfield/Public Private LLC, Developer; Entuitive, Structural; MWM Architects, Inc., Structural; Crossey Engineering Ltd., Mechanical/Electrical; Parkhill, Mechanical/Electrical/Civil, Landscape; Hugo Reed and Associates Inc., Land Surveying; Jaffe Holden Acoustics, Acoustics, Audio Visual and Information Technology; Schuler Shook, Theater Planners; Lee Lewis Construction, Inc., General Contractor
ClientLubbock Entertainment and Performing Arts Association

Buddy Holly Hall represents a city redefining itself through collaborative design and a community-funded commitment to the arts. The architecture embodies the physical and cultural landscape of West Texas and is the largest venue dedicated to the performing arts in the region. Anchoring Lubbock’s arts and culture district, the Hall is a collection of approaches to performance, including a flexible four-story lobby, two signature theaters, a multipurpose rehearsal space and an outdoor amphitheatre—a landmark destination that integrates local arts institutions into daily city life.