Exhibition Area of the “Caoshan Future City” Tourist Resort in Liyang, China

Firm LocationChongqing, China
Lead ArchitectZuo Xiu
Design TeamLiHui,ZhangLi,ChenXiangyu,JiangYuhuan,MengDie,LiGuinan,Helen,YeQian,YangXinlong,GaoGuangjian,YangXiaojun,LiLi,LiYue,ZhangYilei,LiuSiyu,DingYiran,ZhangShuzhen,LiuAiling,SongZhaobing,XiongDianwei,LiuJie

The tourist resort is located in Liyang where several metropolitan regions in the Yangtze River Delta join. The exhibition area functions as an epitome of the local life and a showcase of the tourist town including a sales center, an art center, the homestay area. The varied elevation, the 40,000 m2 water body, and the lush primitive pinewood set the pattern and theme of the landscape—the multi-level landscape around the lake embracing a series of sightseeing nodes represents the scenery of the regions south of the Yangtze River and provides visitors with a riverside holiday experience.