Garden Curtain Wall

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Commercial Architecture
Firm LocationSingapore, Singapore
Project locationSingapore
CompanyFormwerkz Architects
Lead ArchitectAlan Tay
Design TeamFoo Yuet Yee, Joel Tay
ClientChan Brothers Travel Pte Ltd

The 6-story corner office building is located along the historical shophouse district in Singapore’s CBD. The project interrogates and exploits the limit of envelope control in urban sites to re-examine the ubiquitous glass curtain wall. Eschewing the flatness,we developed an envelope of interspersed garden pockets veiled by a layer of golden expanded mesh that is strategically punctured to frame the office activities within. These pods are extensions of a column-free, open-plan space. We envision this to be the new face of work. One that engages the interior with the urban context and nature.