[STARH - EOS - COVER IMG] Dian Stanchev Photography


PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture - Multi Unit
Firm LocationVarna, Bulgaria
Project locationVarna, Bulgaria
Lead ArchitectSvetoslav Stanislavov
Design TeamDimitar Katsarov, Ivan Kovachev, Iva Kostova, Radostina Petkova, Hristo Dushev, Petar Nikolov, Borislav Stanchev, Georgi Pasev, Vladimir Kavaev, Debora Dimitrova, Sanya Kovacheva

The Greek mythology tells us the story of EOS – the goddess of the dawn. Every morning she rose to the horizon from the depths of the sea, in order to bring the light of the day to people. The project, named after the goddess, is situated at the front line in Chaika neighborhood, in the marine capitol of Bulgaria – Varna, with only the Sea Garden and the Black Sea located in front of it, ensuring that the building is the first one receiving sunlight.