[Randall Kipp Architecture, Inc. - Tidewater - COVER IMG] Tidewater by Randall Kipp Architecture, Photography: Maxwell MacKenzie


PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture - Single Family
Firm LocationIrvington, United States
CompanyRandall Kipp Architecture, Inc.
Lead ArchitectRandall Kipp
Design TeamLauren Davenport and Keith Meberg

The concept is to anchor the building around a high ceiling space called the Gallery. All of the secondary spaces nest adjacent to and around the Gallery. The Gallery is a narrow space of 20 feet in width. The notion is that it is a tall, transparent module allowing a view from the approach side of the house and out to the River beyond. The Gallery separates the two wings of the house: Master and Guest. The Home is set on a plinth base to elevate it from tidal flooding and hurricanes. Equally, the added elevation gives the home a prominence, raising it off the ground plane.