[PMAM / SKATE ARCHITECTS - Born Skateplaza - COVER IMG] Born Skateplaza. Photo José Hevia

Born Skateplaza

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Recreational Architecture
Firm LocationBarcelona, Spain
Lead ArchitectPol Martin
Design TeamAmanda Pérez Gómez, Sònia Martín Rodríguez (ECIVIL SCP), Michael Bryan (LITRIX), Álex Andrés Rey, Laura Tostado Alonso (LANDEM PROJECT MANAGEMENT SL),
ClientBIMSA – Ajuntament de Barcelona, Districte Ciutat Vella - Institut Barcelona Esports

This project is about dignifying street skateboarding and the spaces skateboarders use. It's also a statement on how we can help building cities with skate facilities as well. For good or for bad, skaters make part of the city landscape. Now being an Olympic sport, public space architecture has to address the issue and incorporate skateboarding as an existing activity in the city. This project is exactly about this. How do we imagine the future skate “spaces”? Do we stick with the skatepark typology forever? How do we architects deal with a “sport” we don’t always understand?