[SUNGLIDER AG - SUNGLIDER - Smart Uberground Metros - COVER IMG] Renderings: Alek Pluta | vehicles are »offsprings« of former Local Motors Olli

SUNGLIDER - Smart Uberground Metros

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Transportation
Firm LocationAlbanusstr. 1-3 86663 Asbach-Bäumenheim, Hamlar, Germany
Project locationOsnabrueck, Germany
Lead ArchitectPeter Kuczia
Design TeamE. Gawell, M. Wrona, M. Yanczuk, A. Waly, A. Wardzinska, J. Kozlik, W. Gorzelewska, A. Stepniewska, P. Banasiak, D. Otten, U. Hartwig, P. Böcker

»Sunglider Smart Uberground Metro« is autonomous, PV fuelled public transport system for medium-sized urban areas. It consists of autonomous people & cargo movers (+1 level) and small autonomous busses on the ground. The track is totally glulam constructed and carries a PV roof generating 117% of the energy required for the entire system. The Metro is controlled by AI, creating a wait-free cycle of 3 minutes day & night. All vehicles are 3D printed in micro-factories. Investment and operation costs are drastically cut back allowing a free-of-charge ride without a deficit in the balance.