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Bundjalung Cultural Centre-Ariel view

Bundjalung Cultural Centre -Indigenous community based in north New South Wales, Australia.

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Cultural Architecture
Firm LocationCherrybrook, Australia
CompanySAR Design
Lead ArchitectSarath Ranaweera
Design TeamSarath Ranaweera (Principal Architect-design), Krishantha Diyamantha, Glenn Benmayor, Muizz Deen, Uma jayaseelan, Geoff McCosker, Talpe Wijesinghe, Yuting Tang
Client Bundjalung Indigenous community & Carbon 8 Fund Australia

Bundjalung Cultural Centre to be located in Bundjalung region, on the Clarence river bank. A multi-functional rural community cultural centre mainly for community recreation-gathering, indigenous actives and for the exhibitions. While it sits harmoniously within its natural riverbank ecology, the project also explores the interaction and influence of traditional construction techniques, locally available and recycling materials with optimum community participation for the construction.