Guangming Keenstar School Affiliated to Central China Normal University

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Educational Buildings
Firm LocationShenzhen, China
Project locationChangzhen Community, Guangming Distrct, Shenzhen, China
Lead ArchitectZhong Zhong
Design TeamZhong Zhong, Zhong Botao, Yang Qingwen, Lei Yang, Li Jiaxin, Zhong Haihuan, Ding Wenshu, Fan Ming, Wei Qijing, Ye Jianze, Zhou Xiaoming, Deng Rixing, Liu Mu, Qiu Songming, Guo Niefeng, Chen Junyan, Gan Shui, Wang Wei, Wei Ju, Han Guoyuan, Ye Zhien, Wu Zirong, Gao Yijun, Lai Meirong, Qu Yaqin, Lin Zhiwei, Tang Jin
ClientPublic Works Bureau of Guangming District

The project is a school for nine-year compulsory education, including 36 classes in the primary education area and 18 classes in the secondary education area. It occupies a plot area of 32,402.81m² and a gross floor area of 68,615m², with 7 floors (highest) above the ground and 2 floors underground. The overall buildings are arranged in north-south direction. Teaching area is set on the south side, while sports venue and dormitory are organized on the north side. Each separated area is independent. Public teaching rooms are scattered on the stilt ground floor, becoming a resource hub.