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hero image/Shuo Chen, Chun Fang

Office Space of Dongfeng Park 3# Yard

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Restoration & Renovation
Firm LocationBeijing, China
Project locationBeijing, China
CompanyBeijing China Virtue Architectural Design Co., Ltd
Lead ArchitectChunli Zhang
ClientBeijing China Virtue Architectural Design Co., Ltd

The project is located in Dongfeng park as a design studio, four spatial layout areas are set according to the daily functional requirements of designers to make it an enjoyable space closest to nature. The primary consideration of the plan is to implement energy conservation and emission reduction strategies by minimizing new building volume, selecting environmentally friendly, energy-saving and renewable materials, and adopting appropriate construction measures. Meanwhile, the original chaotic state in the house courtyard is repaired to be more harmonious with the park environment.