Stage over the Landscape, Neobay Administrative Service Center

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Institutional Architecture
Firm Location, China
CompanyL&M Design Lab
Lead ArchitectLiu Jinrui
ClientProject manager: Guo Lan Lead architects: Liu Jinrui, Zou Mingxi Competition team: Shi Peisheng, Guo Qian, Zhang Endong Detailed Design Team: Li Weihui, Yu Chunxin, Yuan Ming, Guan Haoting Drawings: P

This project is a government service building. We use large pieces of mirror stainless steel to reflect the square and provide an open vision for the public. The lack of surrounding landscape makes the urban green belt on the square in front of the building very precious, and the scenery is best viewed at or above the second floor. The small terrace on the third floor and the connected R&D office on the fourth floor are all created thanks to the picturesque scenery. If one observes from the relatively chaotic Jianchuan Road, above the tree canopy, there is a stage over the landscape.