[Aedas - WM Hotel - COVER IMG] Photo by Kris Provoost

WM Hotel

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Hospitality Architecture
Firm LocationHong Kong, Hong Kong
Project locationHong Kong, China
Design TeamCary Lau, Henry Chau, Ivy Ng
ClientCheer Regal Limited

The design is made up of three blocks providing a total of 260 rooms of different room-mixes with panoramic sea views. The overall composition, by breaking down the mass into three, carves a sensible scale that is in line with the Sai Kung villages in the old days. The hotel is distinctively designed as 3-stories height that blends in with the existing buildings in the neighborhood scale in Sai Kung. It also recalls the Sai Kung villages in the old days. The overall composition, sets and aligns with the site contours, is facilitating passive air ventilation while maximizing the views.