1900 N Street

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Commercial Architecture
Firm LocationLondon , United Kingdom
Project locationWashington DC, USA
CompanyKohn Pedersen Fox Associates
Lead ArchitectDoug Hocking
Design TeamMichael Greene, Managing Partner; Doug Hocking, Design Principal; Matthew Chua, Senior Designer; Jenny Martin, Project Manager; FOX Architects, Architect of Record; Derek Wood, Managing Principal (FOX Architects); Kate Mooney, Project Manager (FOX Architects)
Client JBG Smith

1900 N Street achieves the seemingly opposing results of spanning a whole city block, whilst presenting a ‘light’ and elegant appearance, with a welcoming triple-height entrance lobby. Ground floor retail space activates the street, below grade parking is provided and the office floors are optimized for law firms and planned to allow for greater density within a restricted site. Highly sculptural in form, the red truss exoskeleton allows the nine office floors below to ‘float’ above a column free plaza. Unparalleled panoramic views are available from the rooftop atrium and terrace.