[Félix Michaud - Photographie - NORM - COVER IMG] NORM Residence by Alain Carle Architecte/ Félix Michaud - Photographie


LocationMontréal, Canada
StudioFélix Michaud - Photographie
PhotographerFélix Michaud

"NORM hopes to reinscribe a critical sense and awareness to the act of inhabiting, reinforcing a richer and more explicit relationship to the environment, all the while diminishing our material conquest that dominates our world of consumption." - Alain Carle Architect. It was therefore essential to attest in photographs of the omnipresent minimalist aspect of the place. To testify to the way in which the lifestyle of the occupants harmonizes with the living space. With winter, it was possible to create a continuity between interior-exterior while valuing the immediate context of the building.