[Myefski Architects - Vilnius Connect - COVER IMG] View looking south at Railway Station Complex, Stoties Square, and PT Terminal

Vilnius Connect

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Transportation
Firm LocationChicago, United States
CompanyMyefski Architects
Lead ArchitectJohn Myefski
Design TeamJoshua Sacks, Matthew Carlton, Adam Breaux, Kristina Perhach, Ethan Hop, Heather Manova
ClientVilnius City Municipal Administration

A celebration of old and new, solidity and transparency, structure and fluidity, the Railway Station Complex takes on many characters. It is a symbol of modernity, designed with technology and sustainability in mind, but at heart, it is cloaked in a terracotta-clad skin inspired by an old-world sensibility. Upon entering visitors are oriented to the historic station in a soaring passenger hall with the ever-changing shadows created by the undulating building skin.