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[Félix Michaud - Photographie - Suspended Time: OMA's Pierre Lassonde Pavilion - COVER IMG] Espace Sud, OMA's Lassonde Pavilion/ Félix Michaud - Photograhie

Suspended Time: OMA's Pierre Lassonde Pavilion

LocationMontréal, Canada
StudioFélix Michaud - Photographie
PhotographerFélix Michaud

Having lived a few years in Quebec City, photographer Félix Michaud takes a unique look at OMA’s Pierre Lassonde Pavilion’s architecture at the Musée National des Beaux-arts du Québec in a new winter series of photographs. Rather than focusing on the grandiose aspects of the new extension, this series presents an intimate approach to the building, highlighting its quality of natural light and the spirit of peace that reigns there. "The Soft January light is envelopping and time feels suspended."